BMC savings

Sorry, but the headline is not about how you can get cheaper services from the BMC (British Mountaineering Council), but about one little thing that might signal that they are trying to make savings.

I got today my insurance card for a climbing trip. It looks the same as the one I got some time ago –almost. This time, though, the card, that comes printed on an A4 is not precut. They've moved back to the times where the printing companies wouldn't precut a shape on a paper. And, also, the paper is not covered in a plastic layer any more, it's plane paper.

Everyone is trying to save in these tough times. I hope I can use my scissors with enough precision and not cut the poor card in half.

PS: Yes, I know, this is a short comment that you make in the pub that suddenly became a blog post. As I said at the beginning (I like starting and ending posts with the same word), sorry.