More on the “leak story” as a news genre –the Palestinian papers

Some 10 days ago, I thought, and then posted here, that there was a fresh news genre emerging: the leak story.

And since some days ago, a new one of these stories has appeared: the Palestinian papers.

Interestingly, besides the story the leak tells, the leak itself has become a story –as it had happened with the Wikileaks papers.

Maybe this is just confirmation that the idea of a new genre was accurate. Time will tell. So far, it seems it was.

Paranoia over legal status of WikiLeaks breeds new generation of scams | Media |

The call, when it comes, is both unexpected and worrying to its American recipients. “Your computer and IP address have been noted as visiting the WikiLeaks site,” says the recorded message. The penalty for doing this: a $250,000 or $25,000 fine, and the possibility of imprisonment. But it does leave a number to call where the fine can be paid – with a reduction for prompt settlement and without the unpleasantness of a court case.

And it’s all just a nasty scam…

Are record clubs the new book clubs? – BBC News

A growing number of music-lovers unhappy about the way album tracks are enjoyed in a pick-and-mix fashion have decided to take action.

The rules are strict. No talking. No texting. You must listen to every song on the album.

Classic Album Sundays treat our best-loved records like great symphonies and are being set up in London, Scotland and Wales.

The birth of a news genre: the leak story

Although the whole Wikileaks affaire has been going on for quite a while already, I would say today marks the beginning of a new journalistic genre –the “leak story”.

This afternoon the Frontline Club hosted a press conference in which Julian Assange received 2 disks containing banks leaks held by Rudolf Elmer.

A mixture of PR stunt and photo ops? I don’t know. But it seems that the there’s-more-to-the-story-that-just-the-leaks, that was kickstarted with Assange’s persecution is starting -at this point- to become consolidated, even institutionalised.

(As with politicians introducing a fellow candidate, Assange said he wouldn’t answer questions on his own legal process as it was Elmer’s press conference.)

I don’t know. I might be wrong. But I still think it smells like this whole Wikileaks saga is not a one off but, as I said, the birth of the “leak story” genre.

These are the stories I’ve read on the press conference, before arriving to this whole genre idea:

Google Chrome Drops Support For Dominant Video Format | paidContent

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has essentially declared war against the web’s dominant video format, announcing in a blog post today that Chrome will phase out support for the H.264 video codec that encodes most video online. Instead, Chrome, which now controls 10 percent of the browser market worlwide, will only support two open video formats—Google’s own WebM format, which launched last year, and Theora, another open-source codec. This seems to confirm that the web’s “codec wars” are in full effect and could indicate that Google has a problem with the royalties being charged by MPEG-LA, the organization that administers the patent pool for H.264 codec.