Arizona threatens to cut power to Los Angeles over immigration row | World news | The Guardian

Arizona‘s tough new immigration law has drawn it into an open conflict with one of the most powerful cities in America, after a prominent Arizona politician threatened to pull the plug on its power supply to Los Angeles in retaliation for the city’s boycott of the state.

Y ahora hay televisión de Google – BBC Mundo

El gigante de la informática Google lanzó un servicio de televisión que integra la pantalla chica a la internet, en medio de renovadas preocupaciones por la privacidad de los usuarios.

Con el denominado servicio de “televisión inteligente” los usuarios podrán alternar entre canales tradicionales y páginas de contenido de video como YouTube.

“El video debería ser consumido en la mejor, más brillante y más grande de las pantallas de tu casa: el televisor”, señaló el ejecutivo de Google, Rishi Chandra.

“Eso no está ni en la PC (computadoras personales) ni en los celulares”, agregó.

Storm over Financial Times pulling anti-Shell advert | Media |

amnesty advert

The paper left it until the last possible moment to pull the hard-hitting ad, which was due to appear today to coincide with Shell’s annual meeting in London. The ad, shown here, accuses Shell of an appalling human rights record in Nigeria. Next to a wine glass overflowing with oil, it reads: “While Shell toasts $9.8bn profits, the people of the Niger Delta are having to drink polluted water. They’re also having to grow crops in polluted soil. To catch fish in polluted rivers. And to raise children in polluted homes. So if you’ve got shares in Shell, ask the board to explain themselves when they raise their glasses at today’s agm. Cheers.”

Dear Juliet: the fans who write to Shakespeare’s heroine | John Hooper | World news | The Guardian

To find the most romantic spot in Romeo and Juliet’s home city of Verona, you must take a dual carriageway out of the picturesque centre, then turn down a ramp into a decrepit industrial estate. Beyond the cemetery, next to a railway siding, is an office whose stock-in-trade is people’s most passionately guarded secrets, their deepest hopes and fears. The headquarters of the Club di Giulietta (Juliet’s Club) is also the inspiration for a soon-to-be-released movie…