Interesting approach to product development – via This is so Meta

I’m a hack, and my methods are hackish:

  • I don’t have website because nobody knows me or cares
  • I use PHP because indian programmers know PHP and they are cheap
  • I don’t spend money on design, because a lot of customers don’t care about subtle shadows
  • I don’t attend conferences because the amount I spend on them is always less than the benefit
  • I only do marketing I can measure. If I cannot measure it, I don’t do it
  • I don’t change working things
  • I stay 2-3 years behind the trend. After the early adopters have left, there is this gap that can be filled by people who are willing to learn from the failures of the early adopters
  • I don’t invent shit. Look at what is invented already and make it a bit easier to use
  • I like romanian programmers for web work & design and russian programmers for algorithmical work
  • I write all services I need, begging them for a discount because I cannot afford what they have
  • I use the free version of dropbox and just keep deleting files to keep it under 3GB
  • If code works, it is released
  • If there is a bug that happens in 5% of the cases, and the users are unlikely to publicly complain, then release
  • If there is some flickering or flashing or otherwise unsightly thing in the code, release anyways
  • Test cheap. Release a really crappy version to see what the response is. No response, abandon. Complaints, improve
  • I don’t know shit about this stuff. I email people and ask them how they do it. They tell me. I implement

I sure as hell would not quit my job to start a company.


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