Catch the last fully circular Circle Line train – IanVisits

As I am betting you are probably aware, the Circle Line is shortly to be uncoiled and turned into something that is still called a circle, but is most certainly not.

As with most changes on the train networks, there is inevitably a moment of handover from old to new.

I’ve been having a thought, and decided that it would be quite fun to catch the very last ever fully circular circle line train (yes, I am that sad).

By my calculations – that is the 23:37 train from Tower Hill on Sat 12th Dec, running anti-clockwise round the network and finishing back at Tower Hill about an hour later. An earlier train at 23:07 is the last clockwise train.

An era ends…

“Robin Hood” banker transfered money from rich to poor | The Guardian

In these financially troubled times, bankers tend not to score too highly on the scale of public admiration, with their bonuses, bailouts and bad loans. But today details emerged of a woman who may confound the popular view that everyone in the industry is in it for themselves.

The 62-year-old branch head of one German bank was hailed as a hero after she confessed to transferring money from rich customers to help her poorer clients. Already, she has been dubbed “Die Robin Hood Bankerin”.

She didn’t transfer any money to her own accounts, so the court only gave her a 22 months suspended sentence, instead of 4 years in prison. She transfered around £7m from wealthy to over-drafted accounts.

Jugadores de Wigan le van a devolver la plata de las entradas a los hinchas – BBC Sport

Wigan’s players are to personally refund Latics fans who bought tickets at the DW Stadium for the 9-1 hammering at Tottenham on Sunday.

Wigan took a large following to White Hart Lane for the defeat, the second heaviest in Premier League history.

El domingo Wigan cayó 9-1 contra Tottenham, en un partido que podría haber terminado 20-1. O sea, tuvieron suerte de recibir tan “pocos” goles. BBC Sport cuenta que la verguenza ha sido lo suficientemente fuerte como para que un grupo de jugadores decidiera devolverle el dinero de las entradas a sus hinchas.

Un virus en Facebook, o algo bastante parecido • The Register

Facebook administrators have blocked a clickjacking exploit that displayed images of a scantily clad woman on profile pages without first prompting the user for permission.

The attack began when a victim encountered the image of the near-naked woman on a friend’s profile page along with the words “Want 2 C something hot? Click da button, baby!” Facebookers who took the bait – and were logged in to their accounts at the time – found their profile pages were updated to include the same image. The more people who fell for the come-on, the more the come-on was presented to new potential victims, giving the attack a viral quality.